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You are more than your Sun Sign

You think this is crazy, I know. The stars and planets mysteriously revealing our personality? Sounds completely ridiculous. But stick with me you guys…

Astrology is not quite as simple as you may think.

The most common misconception is that astrology merely consists of 12 signs which nicely break up the population into 12 little pie slices. Not so. While these 12 signs do make up the building blocks of astrology, things are definitely more complex when it comes to personality…

You are more than just your Sun sign.

The level of astrological knowledge that most people have is of their Sun sign. (“I’m a Scorpio” etc..) However, if you’re friends with an astrology lover, chances are you’ve been hounded for your birth time. Why? We’re trying to get a look at your birth chart (or natal chart).

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the cosmos at the exact minute of your birth.

When you were born, the planets and stars were in a certain position in the sky, relative to your location. The combination of all these tell more about you than just your Sun sign ever could. Unlike Sun sign newspaper horoscopes, which are meant to be generalizations, a birth chart is incredibly personalized. Think of it like your astrological DNA.

In your birth chart, every planet is found in a certain sign.

You have a Moon sign, Mercury through Neptune signs, and even a Pluto sign—because astrologers didn’t excommunicate Pluto like astronomers did. Often, these planets are in signs very different from your Sun sign.

As an example, here’s a simple table that outlines the signs of the planets in my chart. At the exact minute of my birth, the planets were hanging out in these signs:

I identify with Gemini traits (talkative, information-seeking, flexible) because my Sun (which represents primary personality traits and ego structure) is in Gemini. However, my Mercury (thoughts, how you communicate) and Venus (what you value, how you show your love) are both placed in the sign of Taurus (stable, appreciative of beauty, sensual). This Taurus influence makes me a calmer, more down-to-earth Gemini, which is usually a very high-strung and nervous sign.

You are also a melting pot of many signs, each rising to action in different areas of your life and personality. This is why you might not always identify with your Sun sign. This is what might make you feel like a “cusp.” This is what makes you complex and unique.

What signs make up your astro DNA? Head over to the Charts page and look up yours. Don’t forget your birth time!

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