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 Astrology… Really?

Yes, really. I sense some completely unwarranted judgement there. But it’s okay, I know you’re only saying that because you have no idea what it really is.

I know what it is—12 signs, like the horoscopes you see in the back of Cosmo.

Wrong. Astrology is way more personalized than that. Those 2 sentence Sun sign horoscopes that you see are like astrology for 1st graders. Yes, everyone has their Sun in a certain sign based on their birthdate, but everyone also has their Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, etc… in a sign, along with a million other individualized chart factors that are far too complex to explain within the context of this question.

Then what about twins?

Every combination of signs within a chart has many ways it can be expressed. That’s where freewill comes in.

Think of it like this: a group of students are all sitting in the same classroom, all having the same lesson taught to them. Even though all of the external factors are the same, every student will choose to absorb something different from the lesson, if anything at all. 

Your chart outlines what traits you have, but how you decide to live those traits is up to you.

Where can I look up my chart?

Here are a few good options—all free.

Want paragraphs? Check out Cafe Astrology’s Natal Chart Report
Want an interactive version of your chart that you can click around?’s AstroClick Portrait
Want to fall into a Google spiral? Check out our Charts page.

Do I need my exact birth time?

Yes. Without the exact time, you’ll only be getting the most basic astrological picture of yourself. It really is essential to find the time.

How can I find my exact birth time?

The same way you find anything: Ask your mom.

My mom died in an unfortunate Bambi situation. How am I supposed to find my birth time?

The majority of hospitals will state the birth time on the birth certificate. So go dig through that old filing cabinet.

Also so sorry for your loss.

What’s this whole thing about there being a 13th sign?

That’s not a thing, don’t worry. There’s a complex way to explain why, but it’s easier if you just accept that it’s irrelevant and move on. Your Sun sign is still the same, have no fear.