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What’s the deal with Cusps?

If you were born around the 20th-24th of the month I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve grown up being told you’re two different signs. Some books say one, some horoscopes say another. Due to this confusion, cusp-people often believe they’re either magical hybrids of two signs, or alternatively, cast out into astrological limbo like someone the Sorting Hat was unable to put into a Hogwarts house. But I can assure you, cusp-y folk, you all have a definite Sun sign.

Let’s solve this cusp identity crisis…

Your Sun always falls under one sign or another. It is never ambiguous.

I’m technically considered a “cusp” — born on May 21st. Some books list my birthday under Taurus, others under Gemini. On that particular day in 1992, the Sun moved from Taurus into Gemini. Had I been born earlier that day, I would’ve had a late-degree Taurus Sun. However—based on my birth time and location—my Sun is calculated at 00.59 degrees Gemini. Therefore, I am a Gemini Sun.

Aren’t sure which side of the cusp you fall on? The solution is easy—just calculate your birth chart. There you’ll be sure to find every planet located securely in sign. One of the perks of astrology aligning with the science of astronomy is that everything is incredibly precise. The stars don’t lie.

Okay, cool. But then why do people relate to descriptions of cusps?

Most people have influential personal planets in signs that neighbor their Sun sign.

I’m a chatty person with a wide variety of interests. Definitely a Gemini Sun. But you know what? I have some Taurus-y traits too. I’m not as mentally quick as pure Gemini energy is known to be. I need to really plan things out before I say them (and it takes me forevvver to write these blog posts). Plus, I also enjoy a lot of non-Gemini things like relaxing in nature, eating rich foods, and being generally lazy as hell. Is cusp ambiguity to blame?

Nope. It’s because my Mercury and Venus are both placed in indulgent, slow-and-steady Taurus.

Mercury rules over the mind—how you think, write, and speak. Venus rules over matters of the heart—what you love, how you relate to others, and what puts you at ease. Having either of these important aspects of yourself in a sign other than your Sun will undoubtedly have a huge influence on your personality.

You don’t have to be born during cusp dates to feel like a hybrid of many signs.

Regardless of when you were born, chances are you have your Mercury, Venus, Moon, etc… in signs different from your Sun. That doesn’t just occur around cusp dates. Someone could be born in the middle of Leo and still have planets in Cancer.  In fact, it’s incredibly rare to find someone who is only one sign. Most of us are a hodgepodge of various astrological energies. In that regard, we are all “cusps”. Unique individuals with many layers, a sum of many parts. If your Sun doesn’t always seem to fit, press pause on the identity crisis and explore your own birth chart to find out which signs come together to make you, you.

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