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I’m a firm believer that the greatest gift you could possibly give yourself is the gift of self-awareness. I’m not asking that everyone become an astrologer—as much as I’d love that—only asking that you explore this blog and take some time to learn about yourself. Astrology is an amazing ancient tool for both self-awareness and understanding the universe we live in. Most people spend their entire lives searching for themselves. Let astrology help you out. The less time you spend in search of yourself, the more time you have to actually be yourself.

Astrology has become like a second language to me. This site is the place where I hope to translate this language into something that you can understand and see at work—both in your own life and in the world around you.



Emma Blair ⋅ May 21st, 1992 ⋅ Gemini Sun ⋅ Aquarius Moon ⋅ Libra Rising ⋅ Life Path  11

Hey there! I’m Emma Blair. I’m a self-taught astrologer and lover of all things metaphysical. Like any split-personality Gemini, I lead a double life. I’m also a Television Writing & Producing graduate of Columbia College Chicago and photographer.

My journey with astrology began in childhood. Like most people, I was always aware of my Sun sign. My first email was even I also grew up with two Scorpio parents who were naturally interested in the otherworldly. My mom decorates with celestial images and my dad has always been an amateur astronomer. I spent many childhood nights staring into telescopes, admiring the planets and constellations. So, when I discovered that everyone had a uniquely detailed birth chart complete with Moon, Mercury, Venus, etc… signs, my relationship to the sky got even more personal.

After obsessively Googling every position in my own chart and acquiring an extensive library of astrology books, I decided to start collecting the charts of friends, family, teachers, and favorite actors, and began teaching myself using real-life examples. Once I saw that everyone else’s chart seemed to be just as freakishly accurate as my own, I knew that this newly acquired knowledge had to be shared.

I’ve taught myself so much since the early days of learning my own chart. I’ve become fluent in the symbolic language of astrology. I can now filter any experience through this amazing lens. For me, astrology has become a life philosophy. And the beauty of it is, you discover something new every single day.

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